The small, lovely town of Clones is located in the province of Ulster and in the western county of Monaghan. It's Irish name, Cluain Eois means “Eos's meadow.” Its ancient name, Cluan Inis means “island of retreat,” as the town was formerly nearly surrounded by water. Its climate experiences a mild difference between high and lows and there's an adequate annual rainfall.

Historically this town was the site of a monastic settlement in the 6th century. St. Tigernach or Tierney's abbey was dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. The ruins of the abbey can be found in the town. There's also a 9th century round tower and high cross as well as a sarcophagus that's said to have housed the remains of Saint Tighearnach.

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One of the most notable historical sites in Clones is the Round Tower and High Cross, situated in the heart of the town. Dating back to the 10th century, the Round Tower is one of the finest examples of its kind in Ireland, while the High Cross showcases intricate carvings that depict biblical scenes. A visit to these ancient monuments provides a glimpse into Clones' rich past.

For those with an interest in religious history, St. Tighernach's Church is another must-see attraction. This beautiful Gothic Revival church, built in the 19th century, features stunning stained-glass windows and a peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for quiet contemplation.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Clones' picturesque surroundings, which include the tranquil Ulster Canal. This waterway, which once played a vital role in the town's economy, offers opportunities for peaceful walks and cycling along its towpaths. In addition, the Roslea Forest Nature Reserve, located just a short drive from Clones, is home to a variety of native flora and fauna, as well as a network of walking trails that provide ample opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting.

The town centre offers an array of traditional pubs and restaurants where visitors can enjoy local cuisine and experience the warmth of Irish hospitality. Many of these establishments also host live music events, allowing visitors to appreciate the rich musical heritage of the region.


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