There are many different counties and districts that you can visit or live in Ireland, but it can be difficult to settle down in a place that’s right for you. Every area in the county has its own, touristic attractions. Dublin is famous for being the capital city, Connacht is known for its array of natural landscape and Sligo is popular for its seaside resorts.

Nevertheless, if you want to vacate to a place whether you can get both the glorious view of the greenery and the sea, then you should book a couple of days off work to go to the county of Meath. Since the area is settled in the province of Leinster, you can’t say that you wouldn’t be able to find a copious amount of exclusive escorts that want to give you the time of your life!



Like many places in Ireland, the county takes great pride in its history and heritage, which the local community tries to preserve as much as they can. You would find that many visitors and locals enjoy going to the Hill of Tara; a historical landmark that is located in between the city of Navan and Dunshaughlin. If you’re wondering what makes the landmark a fantastic spot for tourists, a local lady would tell you that it is the home of the Stone of Destiny, also known as Lia Fáil.

Of course, the hill is not the only historical attraction in the county. It would be fun for you to put on your hiking boots and go on a sight-seeing adventure, where you can explore the Loughcrew near the city of Oldcastle, the Dangan Castle near the village of Summerhill and the Killeen Castle in the town of Dunsany. Whatever fantastic attraction you would like to visit in the county, you can always enhance your experience there by having an independent escort in Meath by your side; you might be able to find a lady who can give you a soothing massage at the end of the day!



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