Limerick City resides in the province of Munster and in the County of Limerick. It's Irish name Luimneach refers to the area along the shores of the Shannon Estuary known as Loch Luimnigh. The city resides on the Shannon River and at the head of the Shannon Estuary. It's at the historic core of King's Island and it's the fourth most populous city on the island of Ireland.

The city can be found on record as early as 812, although there's evidence of earlier settlements in the area. The Normans redesigned the city in the 12th century adding notable architecture like King John's Castle and St Mary's Cathedral. The city resides on a strategic position on the River Shannon with four main crossings at its centre. To the South of the city is an area of rich pasture land called the 'Golden Vale'. Much of the city's industry was based on the agriculture of the Golden Vale and on the production of juniper smoked Limerick Ham.

Just as recent as 2014, the city was named the National City of Culture due to its wide array of artistic and cultural events that occur all over the city through out the entire year. Embrace the culture of the land and book a sensual massage with a lovely escort! Enjoy the heritage of the culture by visiting the city's historical sites. Let the National City of Culture and an elite, discreet courtesan entertain you!


One of Limerick's most iconic landmarks is King John's Castle, a 13th-century fortress that stands proudly on the edge of the river. Visitors can explore the castle's interactive exhibition, which brings to life over 800 years of history, or simply enjoy the stunning views from its towering walls.

St. Mary's Cathedral, another historical gem, is the oldest building in Limerick still in daily use. Established in 1168, the cathedral features a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture and is renowned for its beautiful stained-glass windows and impressive collection of religious artefacts.

A stroll along the riverfront leads visitors to the Hunt Museum, which houses a diverse range of artefacts, from ancient Egyptian artefacts to Irish and European fine art. The museum's eclectic collection, amassed by John and Gertrude Hunt, offers a fascinating insight into various cultures and historical periods.

The bustling Milk Market, open every weekend, is the perfect spot for food lovers to sample local produce, including artisan cheeses, organic fruit and vegetables, and freshly baked goods. The market also features an array of crafts, making it an ideal place to pick up a unique souvenir or gift.

Limerick City boasts a thriving nightlife, with an abundance of pubs, clubs, and restaurants to suit all tastes. Dolan's Warehouse, a renowned live music venue, regularly hosts both local and international acts, while traditional Irish music sessions can be found at various pubs throughout the city.


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