If you’re planning to have your holiday or your leisure time in Ireland, you wouldn’t be able to resist going to the thriving county of Dublin. It’s the home of many wonderful landmarks, historical monuments and of course, gorgeous ladies!

As much as the central region of county Dublin is very attractive to visitors and locals, you mustn’t forget that the whole county is filled with excitement and enjoyment. Therefore, you cannot go wrong in spending time in the lovely district of Sallynoggin.

Originally, the area was established as a place where locals can live in just outside of the capital city in the 1940’s, where they would like to relax in the peaceful countryside after a hard day’s work. Nowadays, the district is the home of many beautiful escorts who know how to make any man happy!


What’s great about the district is that it’s not small enough for you to get bored in, but it’s not big enough for you to get lost in. Sometimes, what people only require when they’re relaxing on the weekend is a simple venue that serves simple food and simple drinks. Restaurants like the Bombay Pantry, the Spice Cottage and Mazzonis would be able to provide for you a table for two, where you can sit down, have a drink and engage in a pleasant conversation with a beautiful lady.

For those who are thinking about moving from one district to another, Sallynoggin is known to be one of the most peaceful and tranquil places that you could live in county Dublin. With the amount of schools and football grounds that are settled in the area, the only noise you would hear is the sound of kid cheering when they’ve won a friendly football match against their opponents!

However, if you only want to unwind in the district for one night with a talented masseuse, a strict dominatrix or a sexy Sallynoggin escort, then you would have a range of hotels to choose from that would give you the comfort and luxury that you’d desire. Whether you go to City Hotels, Paris Hotels or Glebe Hall, you can be sure that you would get a pleasurable night sleep in the district!


No one likes to be alone in their leisure time, especially when they would be spending it in the thriving district of Sallynoggin. There are many attractions and activities that you can do in the area that the only way that you can make your experience there unforgettable is by having a beautiful, female companion by your side!

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