Glenageary is a lovely suburb in County Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown and is considered to be a fantastic place to settle down in Ireland. It’s no wonder that many Irish people love to live there, due to the fact that it gives them the beautiful view of the Irish Sea!

But there is more to the district than just the view of the marine scenery; you can actually go diving in the sea, thanks to all of the hot touristic spots that allow you to do so! If you want to make your time in the county extra special, you should see if there are any independent escorts that would be available to accompany you during your leisure time in the suburb. You’ll never know if she can make your experience in the district unforgettable if you don’t plan to have your next trip in Glenageary!


Like most of the other districts in South County Dublin, the suburb in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown used to be a place where a lot of large manor houses where settled in, along with copious amounts of woodlands and greenery that surrounded the old residential areas. Nowadays, the district has an abundance of small houses and touristic attractions that a lot of travellers and Irish natives enjoy visiting repeatedly, such as the Forty Foot.

The Forty Foot is a promontory that sits perfectly on the tip of Dublin Bay. It’s settled closer to Sandycove, but it is only a short distance away from the neighbourhood, so any pretty Glenageary escort would be available to travel to the hot spot ad dive into the Irish Sea! If you’re planning to visit the Forty Foot in your leisure time, make sure that you’ll have your favourite swimming trunks on when you take a dip in the promontory that people have been swimming in for more than 250 years!


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