Residing in the country of Ireland, in the province of Leinster, in the county of Fingal and in the region of Dublin is the town of Swords. The town is the seventh largest urban area in the country and the second largest in Dublin County. In 2012, Swords was named the third best town in Ireland to live in and following a huge improvement to decreasing its litter, it was declared the second cleanest town in Ireland! Swords sits in the centre of Fingal country. The Ward River runs from west to east near the centre of town before turning north and flowing into the Broadmeadow River. The Broadmeadow borders the north of the town. It flows into the Broadmeadow Estuary and then into the Irish Sea.

The heart of the urban town is the townland of the Swords Demense. The main retail area is located on Main Street. Most civic facilities are located in this central area. Just west of this urban area are the residential neighborhoods. Just east of the town centre is the industrial areas and the main business district. What ever brings you to this fantastic region, make the most of every moment by booking an erotic massage with a Swords escort! Explore your inner most fantasy with an escort in Swords! Book a dominatrix now! Swords escorts have more fun and you will too when you book their sensual, sweet companionship.


Visit the manorial residence of the first Anglo-Norman Archbishop of Dublin at the Swords Castle. It's not a military style castle but it does have a larger than normal perimeter wall for an Irish Castle. Within the castle are the apartments of the Archbishop and the knights as well as a banqueting hall. Just as recent as the Spring of 2010, the the castle was used as a film location for the production of the TV series, The Tudors!

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