The village of Garristown is located in the county of Fingal, only 25 km north west of Dublin. It's located in hilly country with fantastic views of the hills around the village Naul. It neighbors the settlements of Baldwinstown and Ballymandun.

It first showed up on record in 1200 when the Archbishop of Dublin granted the church at Garristown to the priory of Lanthony. At that time, the area included three windmills and 326 acres. Today its Main Street has not changed much since the way it was originally organized.

The Main Street runs north to south and has a tree-lined mall on the west side. The central area is where the street meets Naul Road. The base of the windmill is still evident and it's a tourist attraction and so are other notable buildings like the Church of the Assumption and the former Church of Ireland and its cemetery.

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Check out the tourist attraction of Garristown Windmill. Its remains are still in tact and it's a lovely day-trip into the Irish countryside. Windmills were powerful energy generators in their heyday. Pack a picnic and take a walkabout to see the lay of the land!


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