Located on the East coast of the Dublin Bay in Ireland is the Dun Laoghaire Harbour. This harbour was constructed in the early 19th century and it's the original port of entry for the city of Dublin. It's also one of the largest man made harbours in Western Europe. It's said to be one of the finest artificial harbours in the world. Within the harbour, there's the rapid rail transport that connecting the harbour to the Dublin in just twenty minutes!

The harbour is only 8 miles from Dublin's City Centre and it's only 16 miles from the Dublin Airport. The city of Dún Laoghaire is both a Victorian and modern town. Its harbour was one of the greatest architectural and engineering projects of the 19th century. For over a century, this harbour was the main sea route between Britain and Ireland. The city of Dún Laoghaire offers a blend of the old and the new between the mountains and the sea!

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Located near the harbour is the National Maritime Museum of Ireland located on Haigh Terrace. It's a brilliant exhibit with amazing stories. It resides in a stunning building and it's a very nice museum that'll explain the fantastic history of the largest man made harbour in Western Europe!

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