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Getting to an airport and waiting there for a flight can be very tedious and boring. For a person, it can be very stressful to be surrounded by many passengers that are rushing around to get all of the duty-free luxuries that they want before heading towards their boarding gate.

However, in this day and age, Ireland is filled with a variety of complexes that are designed to be pleasant for people to travel to and from; complexes like Dublin Airport. Since it is one of the biggest airports in Ireland, the place is big enough for you to have your own little adventure in. You can go shopping at all of the luxurious retail stores in the terminals, enjoy a succulent meal at one of the airport’s fancy restaurants, or spend some quality time with a high-class escort in one of the complex’s executive lounges!


You wouldn’t have to sit around and do nothing in this particular airport, not with all of the restaurants and shops that are settled there. Terminals one and two are filled with a variety of food and drink venues that allow you to satiate your hunger and quench your thirsts, such as ‘Alcock & Brown’, ‘Uppercrust’ and the ‘Oak Café Bar’. If you're hanging around the airport at night, you’d be happy to hear that there are plenty of places like the ‘Meeting Point Café’, ‘AMT Coffee’ and ‘Wrights Foodfayre’ which are open for twenty-four hours at your convenience!

When it comes to shopping around here, well, let’s just say that you wouldn’t be able to resist buying a few gifts that are all tax free. You shouldn’t dismiss going to ‘The Loop’ department where all of Ireland’s most popular retail stores are located, because you may find something that an independent Dublin Airport escort would love to have! If you’re still skeptical as to whether the airport is an excellent place to depart from or to arrive at, then a hot courtesan that lives close to the complex will make you change your mind!


The worst thing for any business or leisure traveller to experience is to wait in a public lounge area for ages with nothing to do, especially if the passenger's flight is delayed. However, there are ways to avoid dying of boredom when you’re waiting for your gate to open. Some people bring a newspaper to read what the latest news is about, others have games to play on their iPads, then there are people who go onto Escort Ireland’s blog page to read a recent article that one of the kinky writers have published.

Whether you want to read a discussion about the BDSM world, a useful guide to giving the most relaxing massage in the world, or an erotic story about a man’s encounter with a hot escort in Dublin Airport, you’d be able to find an interesting piece to read on the page. Furthermore, the blogs page is accessible for anyone to look at on the directory, whether you’re a registered on the site or not.