The historical street of the Coombe can be found in the south of the inner city of Dublin. Originally, the street was nothing more than a valley or a hollow, where a tributary of the River Poddle ran through. Since then, the name has been used to refer to the surrounding area, including the Coombe Womens & Infants University Hospital, and has become a popular area to visit in the city. Not sure what to do here? The guide below might help, or you could simply ask one of The Coombe escorts to show you the hot spots.


A stroll through The Coombe reveals its rich past, with beautifully preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture lining the streets. Take a walk down Cork Street and admire the stunning St. Patrick's Tower, a former 18th-century windmill that now stands as a symbol of the area's industrial heritage. The tower is part of the Digital Hub campus, which is dedicated to promoting innovation and creativity in the digital media and technology sectors.

One of the most iconic landmarks in The Coombe is the historic St. James's Gate Brewery, the birthplace of Guinness. While the Guinness Storehouse is the main attraction for many visitors, the surrounding area is also well worth exploring, with its cobbled streets, beautiful architecture, and rich industrial history.

For theatre enthusiasts, the nearby Tivoli Theatre provides a range of performances, from contemporary plays and musicals to traditional Irish dance shows. The venue has a long history, dating back to the early 20th century, and is known for supporting local talent.

The Coombe is also home to a growing culinary scene, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and pubs offering both traditional Irish fare and international cuisine. The neighbourhood boasts a thriving street food culture, with many vendors selling delicious and affordable meals from around the world.


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