The historical street of the Coombe can be found in the south of the inner city of Dublin. Originally, the street was nothing more than a valley or a hollow, where a tributary of the River Poddle ran through. Since then, the name has been used to refer to the surrounding area, including the Coombe Womens & Infants University Hospital, and has become a popular area to visit in the city. Not sure what to do here? The guide below might help, or you could simply ask one of The Coombe escorts to show you the hot spots.


If you know where to go in The Coombe, you can find some great places to shop and spend a little money. The main road, which runs alongside the Coombe Womens and Infants University Hospital, is home to a number of quaint stores for you to visit, so if you are eager to spend a little cash, this is the place to go. There are small supermarkets for you to go to, where you can buy some drinks and food, as well as some boutique clothing stores for those of you hoping to give your wardrobe a little update.

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