For those who are planning to go and visit Ireland on their annual leave, then you wouldn’t be able to turn away from discovering and exploring county Dublin. The area is packed full of amazing suburbs, attractions and landmarks that any person would enjoy going to again and again. However, if there is one place in particular that you have to explore before you go back to work, it would definitely by Kilmainham.

Why Kilmainham? Well, the suburb has an abundance of natural life that many visitors and locals enjoy immersing themselves in, such as the River Liffey and the Phoenix Park. Furthermore, the small district is filled with an array of amazing things that you can see and do, like visiting its historical monuments and meeting all of the beautiful escorts that live there!


Once you enter the suburb, you wouldn’t know which fantastic landmark you would like to discover first! One place that the local Irish people would recommend you going to is the Manor of Kilmainham; a former mansion that used to be in the county since the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century.

In fact, it was once the venue where the old Knights Templar used to congregate in; that’s some interesting information that you could say to a lovely companion! However, you shouldn’t spend all of your leisure time at the old manor, especially since the district is also the home of the Irish Museum of Modern Art; also known as the IMMA.

The venue is Ireland’s national gallery where it showcases a range of the country’s finest modern and contemporary art; a fantastic place to take a Kilmainham escort with an avid interest in art to! The institution is beautiful on the inside and out, due to the fact that the north façade of the main building is surrounded by an array of gorgeous, green gardens. What could be stopping you from visiting this magnificent suburb in Dublin? Absolutely nothing!


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