The great thing about the massive county of Dublin is that it has a copious amount of sub-districts and neighbourhoods, which a lot of people enjoy visiting again and again. There are many districts that you can visit in the Dublin area, but there are none other like Islandbridge.

Why should you go to Islandbridge, though? Well, let’s just say that the district is the place where the iconic and historical bridge was first built in 1577. Sadly, the bridge was violently swept away by a massive flood in 1787, but it was quickly rebuilt a couple of years later, so that you and a lovely escort can still walk along its path today!


Another fact would be interesting for you to know is that the piece of construction was once called ‘Sarah’s Bridge’ after the Countess of Westmorland who laid the first stone in 1791 after it was rebuilt. Around 200 years later, the overpass was renamed as ‘Islandbridge’, which all of the local Irish people call it now!

Along the bridge, you can get a beautiful view of the River Liffey and the Phoenix Park, which many people love to take photos of to keep as a memoir of their time in the district. The bridge is spread at a lengthy distance for tourists and local people that want to enjoy viewing the cityscape as well as the natural landscape; it’s what makes the district a beautiful place to live in!

Whilst you continue to walk along the bridge, you would also get a magnificent view of all of the other natural landscapes that are settled in the area, like the Hurling grounds and the artificial stream that flows through the area.


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