Like any other capital city, Dublin is packed full of fantastic attractions and landmarks that you would never get tired of seeing. Some of the most notable places of interest in the city include the Goldenbridge Walk, the Kilmainham Gaol and of course, the grand Phoenix Park.

However, if there is one landmark that you must see before your vacation time is over, it would have to be Islandbridge. The bridge has been through a lot since the 16th Century, since it was violently swept away before being rebuilt again in the 18th Century. Nowadays, the road bridge provides a fantastic view of the cityscape, the green parks and all of the gorgeous escorts to anyone who strolls along its path!


You cannot rush walking along the bridge and not giving yourself the chance to observe the brilliant view of district. If you’re starting your stroll at the Phoenix Park, the first thing that you have to stop and stare at is the River Liffey, where you watch the watercourse flow under the overpass on a bright, sunny day. For those who can’t get enough greenery in their lives, you can always continue walking along the bridge before stopping at the Hurling Grounds, where you can watch two teams play against each other with a lovely girl by your side.

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