The area of Phibsborough, sometimes referred to as Phibsboro, is a mixed commercial and residential neighbourhood that you can find in Dublin. It sits in the north, above the River Liffey that cuts through the centre of the city, and is close to the Royal Canal. Phibsborough is a part of Dublin 7 and sits close enough to the city centre that many will choose to spend time here, travelling into the city if they choose to. Hoping to discover an incredible location for an unforgettable date with a Phibsborough escort? Our guide might just have the perfect locations for you.


The Blessington Basin is one of the more popular places that you can visit in the area. This body of water gives you a serene and relaxing place to visit right in the city, and it is a truly beautiful place to spend a little time just unwinding. You might also find that the Royal Canal Park is a great place to go, with some swans for you to admire, and great paths to walk along and explore. If you are looking for a budget date in Phibsborough, this is the place to go.

Hoping to enjoy a romantic date with the sexy escorts in Phibsborough? You should invite them to join you for a romantic meal and some drinks. It is a great way to explore the area and get to know your chosen escort. The Phibsborough House restaurant is a great one to visit, with delicious food available, and afterwards you will find plenty of classic Irish pubs to visit for a drink. It is a good way to not only have a fun time with an escort, but it also allows you to get to know one of the real escorts nearby.

The Charleville Lodge is a luxury hotel that you can find in the west of Phibsborough, and might just be the perfect location for your discreet and sexy date. It is an impressive looking hotel, with comfortable and modern looking rooms and plenty of facilities for you to use. There is also a car park there for those driving, meaning you don't have to worry about using public transportation to get there. Every room of the Lodge is welcoming and friendly, and you'll want to stay for an entire weekend to enjoy the romantic feel of the place.


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