This lovely residential suburb of Dublin resides in the Leinster province. It's located only 8 km from the Dublin city centre. It's Irish name Cill Bharróg means “Church of St. Berach or of young Barra.” The suburb sits in the Northside of the city. It's coastal area faces the North Bull Island across the Dublin Bay.

Historically this area was a large area of fields. The suburb is an old district that can be found on maps and sea charts going back several hundred years. Two settlements emerged: Kilbarrack near the seafront and Little Kilbarrack on Tonlegee Road. One of Dublin's smallest waterways, the Donough Water crosses the district.

If and when you are on the seaside, look for the remains of the coastal church. What a terrific sensation to see the past standing still testifying in the present for the lives that have lived before. At one point, ships entering the Dublin Bay had to pay monies to city authorities that would go toward the upkeep of the chapel. No longer well maintained, it lies in ruins whispering of its past.

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One of Kilbarrack's most prominent attractions is the historic St. Benedict's Church. This 19th-century church is nestled within a picturesque graveyard and features striking stained glass windows and a fascinating history. Visitors can appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and detailed architecture of the church, as well as learn about its rich past and local significance.

For nature enthusiasts, Kilbarrack is in close proximity to the scenic North Bull Island, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This unique island, accessible by a wooden bridge from the mainland, offers a variety of outdoor activities such as birdwatching, walking, and cycling. The island is also home to the Royal Dublin Golf Club and the St. Anne's Golf Club, making it an excellent destination for golfers.

Kilbarrack is conveniently located near the coast, providing visitors with easy access to picturesque coastal towns such as Howth and Malahide. These charming locations offer a range of leisure pursuits, including boat trips, coastal walks, and opportunities to sample fresh local seafood at a variety of restaurants and pubs.

The area's rich literary history is also worth noting, as Kilbarrack served as the backdrop for the award-winning novel and subsequent film, "The Snapper" by Irish author Roddy Doyle. Fans of the book and film can explore the neighbourhood's landmarks and experience the vibrant atmosphere that inspired the story.


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