No one would be able to resist discovering all of the sub-districts in Dublin, especially Irishtown. Settled on the edge of Dublin Southside, you would be amazed at how many magnificent landmarks are located in the area.

In addition, you would be intrigued to know about the history and heritage of the district. Dublin, along with its suburbs, was once part of a proud Viking city until 1171, when it was invaded by an Anglo-Norman army. But you wouldn’t find any battles or wars in the district today, just beautiful and independent escorts that would be more than happy to make your leisure time in the district unforgettable!


If there is one place that you have to visit first, it would be the Medieval City Walls of Dublin which are located just outside of the district. In the 9th Century, the old Vikings built a defense line around the city to prevent any invaders from taking over the area. Much of the walls are still standing today, which you and a lovely companion can go and see for yourselves!

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