The area of North Strand can be found in the inner city of Dublin, on the north side, between the Royal Canal and the Tolka River. It straddles two postal designations, falling into both the Dublin 1 area and Dublin 3. Its position between the Royal Canal and the Tolka River has helped to make it a truly beautiful place to be, and it sits close enough to the city centre that you will find plenty of fantastic things to do here. Want to see the best of the area? The beautiful North Strand escorts will be happy to be your guide.


During the Second World War, the area of North Strand became the site of some devastating bombings. A German bomber had flown off course and ended up over neutral Dublin, but when they came under fire they dropped their bombs. It was and still is a terrible tragedy for the area, but the victims of this attack have been honoured at a memorial park you can find close to the Five Lamps. It is a beautiful park to spend some time in and you can learn a little more about the incident here, making it the perfect place for history buffs to go.

In North Strand you can find a number of great restaurants to visit, which will make it perfect for your date with a top escort in North Strand. It is far enough away from the centre of the city that you'll find it isn't too busy, but the thriving atmosphere here will make for a charming date.

If you were to talk a walk along the Tolka River you would find a number of fantastic shops and stores to visit. Whether you want to visit an outlet mall or you are happy spending time in a local boutique, you'll find plenty in North Strand to visit. Many of them are tucked away, meaning you'll have to walk and explore for yourself in order to find the best ones. If you're not sure where to go, find an escort who knows the area well. They can guide you to the best places and help you get the best bargains.


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