If you are traveling to Ireland's capital soon, you should take into consideration checking out South Dublin. And since you are here, check out the area surrounding Newlands Cross. This is a well-known crossroads located in south-west Dublin in the county of South Dublin.

Now, this is a very interesting area, not only because it is full of all kinds of people, but also because it mixes up the traditional with the less conventional giving all travelers a very intriguing feeling. So, visit this place end experience a diversity of things, from tasting real Irish food and relaxing in the middle of charming parks, to spending less traditional moments with the sexy Newlands Cross escorts.


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In the evening, you should not miss having dinner at Pandini's Restaurant. This is one of the locals' favourite place, so expect it to be full of happy people who eat mouth-watering food, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.


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