The civil parish and suburb of Palmerstown is situated in south Dublin, although it sits 8 kilometres to the west of the city centre, just to the south of the River Liffey. Sometimes referred to as Palmerston, Palmerstown has proven to be a popular commuter town, with strong transportation links to the city centre and some great places to visit, thanks to the nearby Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. There are some fantastic places for you to explore in the area, but if you are hoping for a sexy companion to spend time with, you'll find that the hot escorts in Palmerstown are some of the best in Dublin!


Happy to go exploring? You'll find some great places in Palmerstown to do that. To the east you will find the River Liffey, which runs by the suburb. It has become an incredibly popular place to walk along, with many even taking a run along the river for the beautiful scenery. However, you might want to travel further afield. If so, the nearby Liffey Valley Shopping Centre might be perfect for you, with plenty of fantastic shops for you to choose from during your visit.

Often we want to have a private and discreet date when we meet up with a Palmerstown escort. After all, what happens between the two of you is your business, and your business alone. You might find that choosing that perfect location is challenging, but there are some great hotels in Palmerstown for you to use. Why not have a relaxing night at the Palmerstown Lodge? The lodge is a mid-range hotel with good reviews, and its position close to the Chapelizod Bypass might just make it the perfect place to stay. You can easily travel into the city for an erotic massage, or you could arrange to enjoy it at the hotel!

If you visit Old Lucan Road in Palmerstown you'll find a number of amazing and charming places to eat. Many of them are traditional Irish pubs, giving you the chance to unwind and enjoy a drink with an Irish independent escort. The Palmerstown House is a firm favourite, serving as a gastropub with delicious food on offer. Another popular choice is the Deadman's Inn, which has friendly staff and a classic feel to it that you will just love.


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