The village of Kilternan lies in County Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, to the south of Dublin. It sits right in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, close to the border with County Wicklow, making it a popular destination for many to pass through. However, there are plenty of great reasons for you to stay in the area and take a little time to explore! Not sure where you want to go? You should invite a sexy escort in Kilternan to join you and be your guide as you look around, seeing all that this beautiful village has to offer.


One of Kilternan's most noteworthy features is its stunning natural surroundings, with the village nestled at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. This prime location offers ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, and nature walks, with numerous trails winding through the nearby mountains and surrounding countryside. The Scalp, a scenic wooded valley, is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts seeking to observe the region's diverse flora and fauna.

History buffs will appreciate Kilternan's rich heritage, which dates back to the 12th century. The Kilternan Church, an Anglican parish church boasting impressive Gothic Revival architecture, serves as a focal point within the village. Visitors can also explore the nearby Glencullen Standing Stones, an intriguing prehistoric monument believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes.

For those interested in equestrian pursuits, Kilternan is home to several riding schools and equestrian centres, where visitors can enjoy horseback riding lessons or guided trail rides through the picturesque countryside. The village's close proximity to the Leopardstown Racecourse also offers the opportunity to attend thrilling horse racing events and various entertainment activities throughout the year.


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