If you’re someone who is thinking about travelling to Foxrock on holiday or on your days off work, then you would be going to a fantastic place in Ireland! Settled in Dublin, the suburb is known to be a friendly and lovely place to live in, especially with all of the landmarks that are located in the area.

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Ireland is known to be a place where religion still thrives in local communities, so it’s no wonder that the suburb is also known as a parish. What used to be a small, rural area has turned into a flourishing district that homes more than 3700 Catholic families; you can thank the construction of the Parish Pastoral Church for that! In addition, the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour has been standing in the area since 1935 and still hosts a range of religious ceremonies and events at the vicinity.

If these two magnificent churches are making you book your train tickets as fast as you could, it’s recommended that you travel along the Harcourt Street Railway Line; a historical train track that aided the urban development of the suburb. For those who are arranging to meet a gorgeous Foxrock escort at the railway line, be prepared to hear about all of the historical facts about the track from her lips! Whoever has told you that Foxrock is not a fantastic suburb to visit is lying; once you’ve entered the area and met all of the beautiful ladies that live there, you wouldn’t want to leave the district!


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