The suburb of Cabinteely lies in the south east of the city of Dublin, and is known for the many historical sites you can visit in the area. One of the oldest and most intriguing places to visit is the prehistoric tomb nearby, but there are also some other fantastic places for you to visit. Want to relax in a hotel? Perhaps you simply wish to enjoy a romantic meal in good company? You'll find that the hot and sexy escorts in Cabinteely will make the perfect dates for your time exploring the area.


Eager to learn a little more about the area? Visit Cabinteely House. This gorgeous 18th Century country home can be found in the park of the same name, which is free to enter. You can simply walk around the park, enjoying the sunshine in Ireland, or you could arrange for a tour guide to take you into the house, showing you each of the amazing rooms and telling you more about the things that might have happened here in the suburb's past. It will make for an unforgettable date and a really unique experience in the area.

When you want to get to know a Cabinteely escort, the best thing that you can do is visit a restaurant. It will be a nice, private place for you to go to talk to them, and you can enjoy a delicious and decadent meal in their company. Not sure where to go? Las Tapas is a firm favourite for the area, giving you chance to enjoy a range of seafood dishes with inspiration from Spain and the Mediterranean. Want something with a bit of an Irish flair to it? Wildeside is the place for you, with fresh ingredients sourced from the local area for you to try.

If you have a little bit of money to spend, the best place that you can go is to Dunnes Stores. Here you will find a great shop with plenty of items to buy, and because Dunnes Stores have been such a big part of Irish life for so long, you will find some bargains with a touch of Irish to them. You can update your wardrobe with a walk around the store, or you could get some new items of furniture to decorate your home. There are many possibilities open to you, so do not hesitate to visit.


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