There is no doubt that Dublin is one of the biggest and most fantastic counties to visit in Ireland. A lot of people do live there, after all! Now, there are a lot of suburbs, sub-districts and neighbourhoods in the county that many Irish locals enjoy living in, but there are none other like the thriving suburb of Knocklyon.

Why should you travel, or live in this neighbourhood in the south western region of Dublin city? Well, the sub-district has a unique blend of natural and urban life that many visitors and locals enjoy unwinding in. Furthermore, there are plenty of hot, independent escorts that live there and know how to make any man smile at the end of a romantic meeting!


If you ask a local person what is so great about the suburb, she would point you in the direction of the Wicklow Mountains. The mountain range is considered to be the largest upland area in Ireland, which dominates most of county Wicklow and parts of county Carlow. This iconic landscape is filled with botany and wildlife; you could see it for yourself when you follow the walking paths that give you a glorious view of Mother Nature’s architecture.

If you think that it would be a long distance for you to travel to the mountains from the district, then think again. The area is settled on the foot of the mountains; you’d be surprised at how many lively Knocklyon escorts can get there without any hassle! So, when you’re planning to spend your vacation time, or a couple of days off work to go and wander around the majestic Wicklow Mountains, you can always enhance your enjoyment there by being with a lovely companion who can act as your nature guide!


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