What could be a more beautiful place to live in other than Howth? Settled on the outskirts of Dublin, the village is known to attract many tourists and travellers to gaze at the wonderful view of the Irish Sea, as well as treading softly along the sands of the beaches.

However, there is more to the village than just its beaches and view of the sea. It is the home of the great Baily lighthouse, which all of the locals would tell you about if you ask one of them about it. While you’re spending some of your leisure time in the outer suburb of Dublin, it would be worth it if you can find a hot escort that lives there and would be more than happy to act as your personal tour guide!


Of course, if you ask a local person what the greatest attraction in the village is, she would tell you that it’s the Baily Lighthouse. Located on the head of the district, the first lighthouse was built in 1667, where many shipwrecks have occurred during the 1800’s.

With many improvements that the lighthouse has had for the past 200 years, the vicinity is now hosts a small museum where many of the local people can go and learn about the history and heritage of the lighthouse. However, you shouldn’t begin thinking that the Baily lighthouse is the only attraction in the village.

The Fisher’s Cross stands proudly in the district to portray the culture of fishing that thrives within the local community. If you ever get the chance to encounter a beautiful escort in Howth, be prepared to have your head filled with information about the fish industry from her lips! Whatever you do or whichever landmark you’d like to visit, you can always make your time in the village memorable by having a pretty woman by your side!


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