No one would be able to resist going to Dublin in Ireland; it’s a magnificent county that is filled with a variety of neighbourhoods that you’d enjoy visiting again and again. However, if there is one suburb that you must discover before you have to go back to work, it would be Greenhills.

The area may not be as big and majestic as Dublin City, but it’s considered to be the perfect place for people to sit down and enjoy a cold beer at one of the district’s magnificent pubs. Furthermore, the area is seen as a great place to meet up with private escorts that know how to give you the pleasure that you’re dying to have!


You wouldn’t know which bar or pub you would like to visit first, due to the fact that there are so many of them settled in the area! Many visitors and locals enjoy going to Dublin Southside, where they can go to the Traders Pub to grab some grub and a couple of beers, while they watch the latest sports game with a bunch of their closest friends.

For those who like a bit of sophistication in their leisure time, the Cherry Tree Pub would always have its doors open for people to sit in the garden and enjoy a fruity drink in the summertime. A lot of exclusive escorts in Greenhills enjoy having a couple of drinks at the Cherry Tree Pub, so it would be worth it if you go their one night to get acquainted with a couple of beautiful ladies at the venue!

Don’t worry if you get a little hungry on your night out, because you can always gorge on a delicious pizza at the Mizzoni’s Pizza restaurant. If someone walks up to you and says that Greenhills is not a lively place to visit, then that person is lying!


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