The suburb of Finglas can be found in the north west of the beautiful and thriving city of Dublin, although many refer to the area as a village. This village sits mostly within the Dublin 11 postal district, and isn't too far from Dublin Airport, making it a popular destination to visit and explore. The area has quite a long and rich history that you may wish to explore in good company, and if so you will find that the sexy escorts in Finglas make the perfect companions for your time in the area.


The village has a number of great places for you to visit, but if you want to spend a little bit of money, you will want to go around the many great shops in the area. From small supermarkets to large high street stores, you can find a number of amazing places to go. Why not see if you can find a gift store to buy something special for a local escort, or perhaps visit a clothing boutique to give your wardrobe a little bit of an update?

Want to treat yourself and a hot Finglas escort to the ultimate date? There are some amazing restaurants in the area for you to visit. A firm favourite for many is the Daneros Trattoria, which is a great little Italian you can find right in the heart of the village. It may prove to be the perfect spot for a romantic date, but if you don't have time for a sit down meal, you might want to order a takeaway instead. Along Ashgrove Mall on McKee Avenue you'll find a number of great takeaway restaurants to visit, each serving a number of delightful meals for you to enjoy in the company of a kinky escort.

A meal sounds like a great idea, but sometimes you just don't want that when you are meeting with a top escort. Instead, you want to meet up with them and enjoy a drink together. Throughout the village, you will find a number of fantastic bars and pubs to spend time in. You can meet up with an escort at a bar, spending a little time talking and getting to know them better, before you head back to theirs for a romantic and fun date. What more could you ask for after a busy week at work?


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