When your boss has given you a couple of days off work to do all of your favourite hobbies in your leisure time, you’d want to find a way to put that time to good use. Ireland is a fantastic place that has an array of outdoor attractions and activities that many people would love doing again and again.

However if there is one particular small town that you have to visit, it would be Warrenpoint. For those who would be wondering what the point would be to go to this small town in County Down, the area is filled with green parks, walking areas, and beautiful escorts who would love to give you the time and companionship that you desire!


After working in the office all week, the last place that you’d want to be in your spare time is in another cramped space. That is the beauty about the town; it doesn’t have any skyscrapers or shopping malls, but it has an array of green parks where you can impress a lovely woman with your golfing skills at the Warrenpoint Golf Club. If you’re in the presence of a pretty courtesan who is impressed by your skills, she may reward you with a relaxing massage afterwards!

If you still have some energy left to go and venture outside after your golfing session on the field, then your next destination should be the bank of the River Clanrye, where the Narrow Water Castle is located. The old keep was built to prevent any attacks on Newry city in the 13th Century, but nowadays, the castle symbolises the history of the small town.

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Everyone needs to find a way to relax after a busy day of working in the office or completing their domestic chores. Some people would organise a gathering with their friends where they would all have a laugh and a drink at their local pub, whereas others would prefer to do nothing more than to relax in their homes with a beautiful courtesan.

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