Located in the country of Ireland and in the county of Cork is the delightful town of Mallow. It’s been nicknamed, the “Crossroads of Munster.” It serves as the administrative center of north Cork County perhaps because the Northern Divisional Offices of Cork County Council reside in the district.The region has pre-historic evidence that was discovered just 13 km south-west of the town! In Beenalaght, there’s an alignment of six standing stones lying on a hill. If you have a car and fancy a road trip back into pre-history then start your engines and head just west of the Mallow-Coachford Road!

The development of the district started as a defensive settlement protecting an important ford on the Blackwater River. Later on it developed into a 16th century plantation town. It continued to prosper throughout the centuries as a market town thanks to its rich agricultural soil. In the twentieth century, it’s economy is still based on the goods of the land like dairy, sugar beets and hot escorts!

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Walk down the main street of the town. It’s also called Davis Street and it joins with William O’Brien outside of the Town Hall. Exactly where Davis and O’Brien Street intersect, you’ll find a monument to J.J. Fitzgerald. He’s an important political figure in both the Mallow Urban Council and the Cork County Council, even though he’s not that well known.

If religious ruins peak your interest then Bridgetown Priory will thrill you. Located in Castletownroche, this historic site is a quiet beautiful scene full of religious ruins. The scenery is picture perfect and the experience is transformative! It’s a splendid place to wander and wonder within. The charming old ruin abbey of Bridgetown Priory is terrific for peaceful contemplation.See the white deer roaming free on the lush landscape of Mallow Castle!

Enjoy a lovely walk around the Castle’s grounds and don’t be surprised when you spy white deer! These deer are said to have descended from a herd that was gifted to the estate in the 12th century. The Castle is really two castles in one as it’s both a ruin of an older castle as well as a modern day estate-castle!


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