Located in the country of Ireland and residing in the South-West region in the province of Munster is Cork City. It’s the third most populated city on the island of Ireland. The city was built on the Lee River and it splits into two channels at the western end of the city. The city centre is divided by these channels. The Lee River and these channels lead outwards towards Lough Mahon and Cork Harbor. Cork Harbor is considered to be one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

During the English War of the Roses, the district was nicknamed “the rebel city”. Nowadays, the area is rich in the arts and prides itself in the preservation of its artistic heritage. The Cork School of Music and the Crawford College of Art and Design have their campuses buzzing with up and coming artists. The Munster Literature Centre and the Triskel Arts center is a literary hub for contemporary writers. The city hosts numerous artistic festivals including and not limited to the Cork Jazz Festival, Cork Film Festival and Live at the Marquee Events!

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Set out on a leisurely exploration of the city's rich history with a visit to the fascinating Cork City Gaol, a beautifully restored former prison that offers a unique glimpse into the lives of its 19th-century inmates. Wander through the atmospheric cells and corridors, and experience the captivating stories of the men and women who once called this place home.

For art lovers, a trip to the renowned Crawford Art Gallery is a must. This exceptional gallery boasts an extensive collection of Irish and international artwork, ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary creations. Delve into the world of visual arts and let the beauty of the exhibits transport you to new realms of inspiration.

Cork City's stunning natural beauty is on full display at the lush Fitzgerald Park, a tranquil oasis located along the banks of the River Lee. Meander through the meticulously landscaped gardens, marvel at the park's impressive sculptures, and take in the idyllic views of the river as it meanders through the city.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the iconic English Market, a bustling culinary haven that has been at the heart of Cork City life since 1788. Sample a mouth-watering array of local and international delicacies, indulge in the freshest produce, and revel in the lively atmosphere that has made this market a beloved institution.

As evening falls, Cork City's vibrant nightlife comes to life. Experience the warmth of Irish hospitality at its finest in one of the city's many traditional pubs, where you can enjoy live music, spirited conversation, and perhaps a pint or two of Ireland's famous stout.


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