Located in Ireland in Armagh County is the sub region of Craigavon. Locals refer to the district as the lake land area between Lurgan and Portadown. The lakes are a popular water sport training ground and they offer plenty of opportunities for recreational activities.

The area was conceived as a ‘New City’ for Northern Ireland. It was supposed to link the towns of Lurgan and Portadown to create a unified urban area and identity. The city’s intention was to house an indicated population boom.

The design of the sub region was incorporated to be pedestrian friendly with a network of paths allowing residents to travel across the area without coming across vehicular traffic. Electricity and other cables were placed underground and the region was designed to be child-friendly with playgrounds throughout the residential area. Planners clustered housing around small village centers that provide residents with all their amenities. This new town has an emphasis on providing green space and safe paths for residents to travel on.

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A major highlight of the town is the expansive Craigavon Lakes, which provide a beautiful and tranquil setting for a variety of outdoor pursuits. The lakes are surrounded by walking and cycling paths, making them perfect for leisurely strolls or more energetic activities. Visitors can also enjoy the opportunity to engage in water sports, such as canoeing or sailing, or to try their hand at angling for a chance to catch some of the abundant local fish species.

Craigavon's leisure facilities are extensive and include the state-of-the-art South Lake Leisure Centre. This impressive complex offers a wide range of activities, such as swimming, indoor rock climbing, and a variety of fitness classes, ensuring visitors can maintain an active lifestyle during their stay.

The town's shopping facilities are also a major draw for visitors. The Rushmere Shopping Centre, one of Northern Ireland's largest shopping destinations, is home to a wide selection of popular retailers, restaurants, and cafes, providing a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience.

For history enthusiasts, the nearby Brownlow House, a stunning 19th-century Elizabethan-style mansion, offers a fascinating glimpse into the region's past. The house, which served as a World War II military headquarters, features a small museum dedicated to the wartime history of the area.


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