Located in Ireland in the county of Armagh is the county town of Armagh Town. It’s been the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland since the mid 5th century as it’s the seat of the Archbishops of Armagh. It’s a medium sized town that has two cathedrals and the Armagh Observatory. Notably, it’s the least populated city in both Northern Ireland and Ireland at large!

The area is known as an educational center. It’s been referred to as ‘the city of saints and scholars.’ One can explore the town’s cultural history at The Armagh County Museum. It’s located in a building that was originally a school and it was built in 1833. It was opened as the County Museum in 1937 and it's the oldest County Museum in Ireland. Its exhibits explore archeology, transport, costume and art from the district's region.

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Explore the final frontier at the Armagh Observatory! This astronomical research institute has around 25 astronomers based at its facility studying stellar astrophysics, the sun, the solar system and the climate of Earth. The Armagh Observatory is located close to the town centre and it's adjacent to the Armagh Planetarium.

On exhibit there are scale models of the Solar System, the Universe as well as two sundials, historic telescopes and outdoor exhibits. The equipment and artifacts at the Armagh Observatory represent one of the leading collections of its kind in the British Isles!

Located close to the city center and next to the Armagh Observatory is the Armagh Planetarium. It currently houses the largest public telescope in Ireland. The Planetarium was the world’s first ever completely interactive planetarium show and it’s technology spread to planetariums world wide.

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