Located in Ireland in the county of Armagh is the county town of Armagh Town. It’s been the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland since the mid 5th century as it’s the seat of the Archbishops of Armagh. It’s a medium sized town that has two cathedrals and the Armagh Observatory. Notably, it’s the least populated city in both Northern Ireland and Ireland at large!

The area is known as an educational center. It’s been referred to as ‘the city of saints and scholars.’ One can explore the town’s cultural history at The Armagh County Museum. It’s located in a building that was originally a school and it was built in 1833. It was opened as the County Museum in 1937 and it's the oldest County Museum in Ireland. Its exhibits explore archeology, transport, costume and art from the district's region.

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One of the city's most iconic landmarks is the magnificent St. Patrick's Cathedral, which stands on the site where St. Patrick is believed to have built his first stone church. The cathedral's striking architecture and beautiful grounds provide a serene and inspiring setting for visitors to explore. Similarly, the nearby St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral showcases stunning neo-Gothic architecture and offers captivating views of the city from its hilltop location.

Armagh's rich history can also be explored at the Navan Centre and Fort, an ancient ceremonial site and the legendary capital of the Ulaid kings. The interactive visitor center offers a fascinating insight into the region's Celtic past, while the fort itself provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The city's charming Georgian streets are home to a variety of independent shops, cafes, and traditional pubs, where visitors can experience a warm and authentic taste of Northern Irish hospitality. Armagh's vibrant arts and cultural scene can be enjoyed at the Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre, which hosts a diverse program of theater, music, dance, and visual arts exhibitions.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the city's abundance of green spaces, such as the picturesque Palace Demesne Public Park. The park's walking trails, play areas, and beautifully landscaped gardens provide a tranquil retreat within the heart of the city.


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