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07/10/2016 at 11:00
30 minutes

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Well 007 Doesn't get time off so decided to disappear to Dublin on my week off. Left my DB9. At the office by the way it's a heep of junk, don't attempt to by one. Back to the main event, the two lady's are top pros, and in a world of escorts who are total chancers, these 2 are first class if you ever fancy a threesome you should look no further, only problem is their both divine and so nice, it's hard to divide your attention between the 2 of them. So from Q branch, girls you are fantastic and Mr Bond has been smiling since. Diamonds are forever and so are you 2... Dam that's the phone ringing back to Riverside house London home of MI6 I ever get bloody time off serving Queen and country. 007...
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