Wrestling is something that many people are aware of. You might enjoy watching the sport, but if you are looking for something a little bit different to do with your favourite dominatrix during your BDSM session, you might want to consider wrestling. Similarly to the sport, when you wrestle for domination, you are trying to gain control. Instead of simply giving yourself over to your mistress, they will take that control from you in a fun game. You will find that your domme will win a lot of the time, and you will love the feeling of them physically dominating you in this way.

As with many other forms of domination, you'll want a safe word handy for this. It helps to make sure that things go smoothly and that, if you end up hurt, you can let your mistress know as quickly as possible. However, you will find that your chosen dominatrix knows exactly what to do to get on top of you and keep you pinned without hurting you, and this will be a huge turn on for you. They may then decide to use other items on you, such as toys and cuffs, to keep control of your body.

When you enjoy wrestling with your favourite domme in your BDSM session, they will not only be trying to control you. They will also be learning the different things that you do to try and stay on top. They will take note of each move you make so that they can combat it, and when they do get you pinned, the intense competition will have your heart racing and your adrenaline levels will be high. Once your domme has put you in a position they are happy with, you can then take your punishment, submitting to whatever they want you to do.

For some people it is a part of a fantasy. They want their chosen dominatrix to physically take control, showing them that they are weak and easy to manipulate into whatever position they want them in. Others like the feeling of humiliation it gives them when they cannot break out, and that is why people choose to enjoy BDSM through wrestling. You might try really hard to take control, but in no time at all you will find yourself saying "I submit" to the dominatrixes you see, and what happens next will be totally worth it.