Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that is based on theoretic framework of traditional Chinese medicine. In Japanese, Shiatsu means "finger pressure". As massage encounters are getting more and more popular, it is safe to say that Shiatsu escorts are becoming one of the most respected forms of advertisers on our sites.

Most Shiatsu escorts on our site are female, though there is nothing stopping men performing the practice. These escorts can range in age, from young girls, to more mature women. As it is a service that really isn't what you would call a 'traditional escort experience', then clients won't always go for the best looking escort, but more the one who performs the service the best.

A female Shiatsu escort will use techniques that include massages, with fingers, thumbs and palms. There will also be assisted stretching, joint manipulation and mobilisation. The whole concept of Shiatsu is that life energy called 'qi' flows through 'meridians', or pathways in the body.

Many female Shiatsu escorts feel that this practice can help control the symptoms of cancer. Though what you would call 'proper' medical practitioners feel that there is no evidence behind it, it is a firmly held belief from the men and women who visit regularly If you are interested on what this experience could possibly do for you, why not meet up with a female Shiatsu escort today?

If you want to meet up with a female Shiatsu escort, you first need to work out WHERE you want to see them. If you would like to visit away from prying eyes, you can go to their place and have an incall. If you would prefer to meet the woman at your house or hotel, then an outcall is for you. All this information is available on the escorts page, so just have a look through and make your choice. You then pick up the phone and arrange the appointment.

If it is that simple, what are you waiting for?