Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine which involves the application of pressure to the hands and feet, with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. This is all done without the use of oil or lotion. A reflexology escort can be male or female, though on our pages, you will find that most are women. So if you are wanting to try out a new experience, why not see one of the reflexology escorts today?

In simple terms, a female reflexology escort will press or gently manipulate certain parts of the hands and feet in order to produce an effect elsewhere in the body. Reflexologists divide the body into 10 equal vertical zones; five on the left and five on the right. Each part of the hands and feet correspond to a particular part of the body.

Female reflexology escorts believe that an energy field can prevent the body from healing. It is up to the reflexologist to overcome that field. These men and women also believe that reflexology can alleviate pain or stress. Although these theories are controversial, there are millions worldwide who swear by the practice.

A female reflexology escort will come in many different forms. She can be a sexy young girl, or an incredible older woman. It is this kind of variety that increases the popularity of reflexology escorts still further. If you haven't ever though about having a reflexology experience, why don't you see what all the fuss is about today?

You have seen what kind of fun you could have with female reflexology escorts. Now it is just a case of meeting them. You will find there are two major types of girl. There are those who need you to come to a place of their choosing (incall) and those who are happy to travel (outcall) The kind of escort you meet will all be down to your personal choice, and all the information is available on their escort profile. It really is that simple. Reflexology may not be for everyone, but what is to say it isn't for you?