GFE (Girlfriend experience)

GFE <span>(Girlfriend experience)</span>

GFE stands for the girlfriend experience when the person you are seeing acts like they are your girlfriend and is very relaxed and natural around you. This connection is more likely to happen if you and your partner click, and can include a range of other things such as dining together, talking to each other, and French kissing. If your partner is male, then it may be referred to as the boyfriend experience (BFE).

Many people will naturally be like this with you, as when the spark is there you cannot simply turn it off. There is no rush and everything when you see each other happens more naturally, meaning you won't be rushed out of the door as soon as the sex is over. From the very beginning of your seduction, you will be treated like an equal and may even share some inside jokes with your partner that only the two of you will get. There may be some playful banter between you, and it will genuinely feel like you are with a girlfriend or boyfriend. A relaxing massage might be used to start off the proceedings before it moves naturally on to foreplay. If your partner is providing you with GFE, the foreplay may last longer than with someone not providing it, as they will take their time to ensure you are enjoying yourself.

Remember to communicate your feelings to them. If there is something you are really enjoying, let them know. It will help your favourite escort provide you with a good time and, when you want to move on, give them a sign or whisper it to them. Keeping things very pure and unrushed is part of the experience, so take things at your pace.

The GFE experience won't end until you walk out of the door at the end, so even if the main event finishes early (as it sometimes does), you can still chat with your chosen escort and enjoy a good time with them. Why not return the favour with a nice massage for them, to show how much you appreciate them?