Chastity control

Chastity control

´╗┐Chastity Control

You might decide that you want someone else to take control of your chastity, and that is when you start to look for a mistress or a dom who loves chastity control. As the name suggests, you would totally give yourself over to your dominatrix to enjoy some BDSM. They would have complete control over when your chastity ends, deciding if you have been good enough to be allowed release or if they will leave you begging for it that little bit longer. They will take total control over you and your release, so if you are ready to give yourself over completely, this is the thing for you.

Chastity means different things to different people, so before you get started, you will want to talk to your favourite dominatrix about what you are looking for. You might simply want someone to deny release to you, making you beg for it before sending you on your way still desperate for release. However, a lot of people decide that they want a chastity device for this type of BDSM, such as a chastity belt or cock cage, for their fun. This means that the denial is not just a mental and emotional thing, but also physical and much more intense.

The control can extend way beyond your meeting with your dominatrix. Some decide that they will only allow themselves release when their mistress gives them permission, and this means that they can go for months without getting what they want. You might want to set up a safe word with the one controlling you so that, if things get too much, you can gain release, but a good slave will find that there is great satisfaction in lasting until your sexy mistress gives you permission for release from the chastity control.

The torture of it, of being squeezed tightly into a belt, only to be freed when their dom allows it, is a huge turn on for many. Your dominatrix will want to see you begging for release, and they might let you out of your belt or cage only to decide that they will not let you cum at all. The chastity control can last anywhere from half an hour during your booking to a full month, making this the ultimate BDSM experience. They want to know that you are obeying their every command and that you are totally theirs. If you can do this and be a good slave to them, then you may just get a reward.