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Thread: coincidence??

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    Question coincidence??


    All back on the site at the same time all in dublin 4 and all charging 200 30 mins & 400 60mins.... Is this a coincidence or another agency posing as independents..
    I know it could be 3 girls sharing an apartment but just think its a bit suspect.
    Correct me if im wrong

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    Default No Coincidence

    Nobody could say it is a coinicdence, all three came back to this site within 2 minutes of each other. I suppose all three are sharing together in the same accomodation, and all logged on at the same time to update the profiles.

    They were advertisijng on another site from about a week ago, and all came on line at the same time there as well. Maybe they decided that they needed to advertise more to find clients who would part with 400 for an hour.

    On her other ad, Suzanna was Czech and 31, on her new ad she is Russian and 30.
    Sabrina was 24 on her other add, and is 27 in her ad on this site.
    Izabel remained Finish and 25 in her new ad.

    There is another Russian girl on that site called Barbie who is also looking for these rediculous prices.

    I parted with 350 last night over the course of two hours and 20 minutes with two lovely ladies.

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    Default Re Barbie

    I saw Barbie on the site and I thought she was the most beautiful chick I've seen on the sites.
    Here rates were quoted as 200 for 30 min.
    I did'nt have that on me but I feverishly phoned anyway.
    She quoted 150 on the phone I asked her did she have a 20 min rate which we agreed.

    Based in a hotel in Dublin 4.

    When she answered the door she did not look like the girl in the photo different hair colour and style . She could still be but I have my doubts. However she was a very sexy, tall young chick about 6ft so I was'nt disappointed.
    She also said she was from Hungary not Russia as advertised.

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    Thumbs down greedy greedy

    400 an hr? 200A HALF HR.? theres one born evry minute

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