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Thread: A big Irish welcome to all the new ladies, from the Spank Doctor.

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    Arrow A big Irish welcome to all the new ladies, from the Spank Doctor.

    The word must have reached the Eastern Europe and South America that a lot of money can be made by visiting Ireland and working as an escort for a week or two. Well, this may have been true about a year ago, but the market has become saturated of late. So far today, I've seen about a dozen new escorts that have joined this site and about 20 more have reactivated existing profiles. From conversations I've had with escorts during the past few months, the chance to make some good money is not currently as good as it was, say a year ago, because the number of girls who are offering their services as gone up dramatically. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can call some of the other ladies advertising here to check their opinion on the matter. Also, Iíve seen some ladies are offering special discounts for certain periods of time, another indication that business may be harder to come by.

    Someone could argue that these ladies are below a certain standard, in terms of physical appearance, and I canít say if this is true or not, as Iíve yet to visit one, but Iíve had several memorable visits with stunningly beautiful escorts who have offered a very memorable and noteworthy experience for Ä150.

    Many escorts have been providing OWO as part of their normal service, for no extra charge. You should be aware that you have to compete for punters with these ladies. Also, I think itís worth noting that not everyone is suited to this profession, and thatís what it is, a profession, and we have come to expect a certain level of professionalism.

    The reviewing process has become much better in recent months, with the administrators flagging reviews they believe may not be genuine, and this feature has helped us punters greatly. Myself and some other punters/reviewers prefer to visit ladies with a number of good reviews, as many ladies have misrepresented themselves in their profiles, both in terms of the services offered and their physical characteristics. (a classic case of "bait and switch") In such instances, I have turned on my heels and walked out, and this has been a waste of time for me and the lady concerned.

    Naturally, it is your own preference that is more important, and you may not wish to offer OWO as part of your services, but I reckon I'm not alone here, I rarely, if ever, visit an escort who does not offer OWO.

    I've noticed recently that there are escort websites for other countries based on this design template (England, Scotland, Wales, Poland and the The Czech Republic,) but on the Irish site, the review feature is used to a much greater extent. We punters have become a sophisticated lot, thanks largely to this website and the review feature.

    Providing clients with a good service may earn you a good review, which in turn leads to more business. Misprpresenting yourself may earn you a bad review, and you may end up wondering why you made the trip to Ireland in the first place. You will probably have much more free time for site-seeing, though.

    So in closing, Iíd just like to say welcome to Ireland, and I wish you all the best, but donít expect to make a whole pile of money, particularly if you donít enjoy the work, haven't posted a real and recent picture and don't provide the services listed in your profile.

    Itís all simple enough, really.

    Spank Doctor.

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    Default Well said

    Well said Spanky.

    While I would 99% of the time not bother with a girl who does not offer owo, i have been with girls who dont. The only reason i went is because they were honest about it from the start and didnt try to slip it in as an extra.
    Times are hard out there for the girls and maybe this is a good thing. Maybe, just maybe some of the bad service and non professional girls will start to suffer financially and have to move on to greener pastures and the real quality girls will survive. Fake pics and the review system will be a large factor for most ppl especially new to punting, in chosing who to spend thier hard earned cash on. And favourites versus extras will also have a large impact.. stunning brunette 250euro per hour No OWO or Stunning brunette OWO included ( or gfe, anal, what ever the preference) 250euro per hour, i know who i would choose...
    Its time to raise the game.

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    Great post Spankers...
    I'm the same as you, if a girl doesn't offer OWO included in the price then I won't see her. It's great to see competition finally happening here, unfortunately though there are still muppets who pander to the egos and greed of those escorts who think they can charge what they like.

    I also have noticed some girls including anal in the price, which is a great trend.
    I hate being bi-polar, it's brilliant.

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    land of pigmies


    great post bud,

    i think you expressed all of our sentiments


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    Thumbs up Well Said!!!

    I believe ............ oh wait ........... Spank Doctor said it all and much better than I could ............. cheers Spanky!!!!

    Gone ........... and forgotten?

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    Thumbs up Well put Spank Doctor

    As you say, numbers are increasing and business is slowing down for many escorts who do not as yet have a high profile/reputation. So I think we can expect many more special offers in the area of 100/200 Euro to be posted here.

    However, as these escorts may be inundated with clients, they may not be able to deal with the demand they generate and clients will have to go back to more expensive escorts or wait. The whole process of reaching a new market level will therefore take time with many escorts holding out as long as they can at current prices. As anybody who knows any escorts well will tell you, very few if any actually enjoys this work. The name of the game is get as much money (as is necessary) for as little effort as possible. Each resident independent escort has a good idea of how much she/he needs to make per week to cover overheads and have the type of lifestyle they desire and/or how much they want to save or send home per week. If an escort is satisfied with 1500 Euro per week tax free, (2 half-hour clients for each of 5 days), then there is no incentive for her to do what she does'nt like doing in the first place, for more than 5 hours per week. The phone gets switched off or is not answered and clients are left wondering why they can never get an escort when they want one. A lot of escorts d'ont even bother working weekends because they make enough over the other 5 days. I personally have no objection to an escort making 1500 per week plus but for 5 hours work? I have seen escorts that I know well turn down clients offering less than the current market standard rate. So if you are waiting for a lower market rate to take effect, I fear this will be staunchly resisted by many for as long as possible. Only when escorts have difficulty paying their rent and bills, paying for their advert and purchasing food, might they consider lowering prices. However, even then, they could also choose to leave prices as they are and work more hours.

    Clients collectively have a lot of economic power. However as this power is never collectively exercised, the sexual power which the escorts (operating as a price-fixing cartel) have over clients takes precedence. Nearly all new escorts to the market charge the going rate irrespective of their experience or quality of service and clients are left in a take it or leave it situation with only reviews as a guidance.

    I can therefore suggest two radical options, which I believe will increase client bargaining power. Firstly, a self-imposed moratorium on punting for a period of no less than one month. This if successfull should have a fairly rapid and drastic effect on prices. However it requires a lot of willpower and restraint on the part of clients, something which by their very nature they d'ont possess. Option 2 involves clients going to genune touring escorts only for one month or longer, until the resident escorts through financial necessity reduce prices or leave the market. Once the resident's prices have reduced, the process is reversed and touring escorts are shunned until their prices come down to meet the resident's prices. As any history student will tell you, it's a classical example of divide and conquer.

    I see no reason why this strategy cannot, if followed by all out there, get prices down to 75/150. The escorts will still make their 1500 plus per week; they will just have to work twice as much to make it. In fact escorts should make more money with lower prices. Demand will increase as new clients enter the market due to increased affordability, clients will no longer have the incentive to punt abroad, and if independents undercut agencies, then clients will move from agencies to genuine independents. The stage could be reached, where it is no longer economically viable for girls to work for agencies, the majority of whom seem to take a 50% cut and charge the girls 40 Euro per day for the use of the apartment. I for one would not loose any sleep if life was made less profitable for agency bosses, pimps, trafficers and their ilk.

    So gents, please remember that your brains are located between your ears and vote with yours wallets and not you dicks. The escorts are'nt really that interested in the size of your dicks, it's the size of the wallet attached to the dick that matters.

    Happy punting all!

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    Default E300 overnight in Murcia, Spain

    hello boys and girls.
    im just back from working the last 10 days in murcia in spain.
    while there i sampled some of the local delights.
    i had an overnight with a beautiful girl who was just as attractive as any girl on this site...i mean she was the absolute bomb, a body to die for. do you know how much this overnight cost me? E300. and believe me it was a proper adult dose of an overnight, we didnt sleep until 6am.
    the going rate there for the top girls was E50 per girl per hour, there were cheaper girls available elsewhere but at these fantastic rates i sampled the cream of the crop in murcia.
    when i told one girl how much us clients are paying here in ireland, she laughed and told me i must be joking...i shit you not.
    i realise now that we are being completely shafted here in ireland.
    you can have a one hour session with savannah here in dublin for E300, or an overnight like i had, with, imho, a better looking girl.
    i think my dublin punting days may well an truely over now that i have located the fountain of youth, which is only a E20 ryanair flight away, direct from dublin.
    suffice to say i didnt complete the job in murcia and how have to go back and locate there for the last 6 weeks of the summer heyyyyyyyyyyy
    spanky your post is fantastic, but girls here drop their knickers not their rates

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    From my past experiences abroad in Europe, it isnt only spain that has great deals and prices. And i think the high prices in Ireland is why maybe the review system is taken quite seriously here. At an average of 250 an hour, there really isnt any room for error of decision. Well for me there isnt anyway. Id be disappointed as would anyone i suspect if I lost 250 on a bad choice.
    I spent the first 3 months of this year living in the netherlands. And from the sounds of your experience in spain, it sounds similar to netherlands. Red light district is not bad either as you can see exactly what your getting rather than relying on a picture.

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    Default Savanna and current market prices in Dublin

    Thank you all for the feedback on my original posting.
    I just visited Savanna for an hour for Ä300.

    I think she is in a different league, a lady like this has no need to reduce prices in the current Dublin market. I wrote a review, and will start a new thread about my experience with her, she was that good.

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    I don't give a shite how good she was. Ä300 is a rip of for an hour. It is arrogant, greedy and shows a complete lack of respect for her clients.
    I hate being bi-polar, it's brilliant.

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