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Thread: Calling the czech republic to make a booking??

  1. Default Calling the czech republic to make a booking??

    Just noticed that the phone number for these escorts is a czech one. Do they really expect people to phone the czech republic?
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    Default Czech numbers = Czech Rates???

    Spot on lim-guy, them theres Czech mobile numbers alright. I seen em before ..... rung em too; but then I only rings em when I'm lookin for Czech puntin rates. Now I see the girls are lookin for 2500 Euro to lay on top of em for 24 hours. I bet when their agency boss sent em over here, he told them they was cumin to the promised f***ing land..... money in the trees and gold on the pavements.

    If I was you lim_guy, i'd save up my money for a few weeks or months and punt in style. Either go to the Czech Republic or have an escort who does international travel fly over to you. I'm currently researching the later option for a 1 WEEK outcall. Having researched Latvia, Lituania, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine, I have got a number of quotations around 2000 to 2300 Euro plus flights for the week. In total, including some nights in hotels here, plus food, drink etc. I can easily remain within a budget of 3000 to 3500 Euro.

    Now I only do this once a year, but when you compare prices here with abroad, I'd rather punt on my terms and let the greedy resident and touring escorts take a running jump.

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    They probably just arrived here and are still using their czech mobiles I suppose.

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    Nope, it's an agency. You phone they czech number, they arrange the appointment with the girls.
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