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    I was just wondering if there are any girls offering submissive services? Spanking, roleplay, uniforms etc.. I see some girls have on their profiles that they offer these services, but when I phoned some of them they say that they do not offer those services, just dom. If anybody has any information I would be greatful.

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    Hi Franky,
    I have asked this question myself a couple of times, but with no luck. There is obviously a demand for such a service, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering it. Let me know if you have any luck.

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    Wink Spanking

    I have in the past asked about this and got a similar response ie none. This is a problem which as driven me to the Uk where the scene especially in London is quite vibrant with a huge choice of quality ladies to "play" with. Most of these ladies are top class professionals who work within agreed limits. I can suggest a very good search website to find you somebody should you get the opportunity to go over (Im going again in July).

    Just pm me


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    I think the problem might be that it could be hard to define a girl's limits and for a girl to say "Yes, you can hit me" can be daunting even in a relationship - to say it to a punter would be even harder! Building a professional relationship with a girl could lead to her being open to it, if you cannot immediately find what you're looking for. --Just my two cents!--

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    Just taught I would throw this thread back out there again. Fingers crossed!!!

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    My husband is into role play and I have learned to enjoy it. I haven't done it professionally as of yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigergirls View Post
    My husband is into role play and I have learned to enjoy it. I haven't done it professionally as of yet

    I have to say, I’m liking these Tiger Girls, they could give a few of the whipper snappers a run for their money...(Literally)



    Not being picky, its just you’ve spelt Clonmel wrong, I know the town well, used to work there, beautiful place.

    Take a trip to Tipp lads, its got Bulmers and these two, what more could you want, they seem a Suir thing (I'm not there Pimp btw)

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