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Thread: agency or pimp or what is this?

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    Here and there

    Thumbs down agency or pimp or what is this?

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    Angry Agency!

    I checked the website. She works for a Slovak Agency. Her rates in Dublin are 1000 E for 12 hours and 1500 E for 24 hours. If you were to book her for a private trip to Ireland it would set you back 999 E for a weekend plus 500 E for each extra day plus flight costs of course.

    So the comparison is 1500 E for 24 hours if you book her here as against 1499 plus flight for 3 days if you book her through the agency and have her sent to you gift rapped by Ryanair.

    At this end of the sex services business, private arrangements beat the package deal hands down.

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    Wink Agency

    Quote Originally Posted by MiaMia View Post
    Deffo an agency, she cute tho.. no Tan.

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