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    Hi guys,
    I may return to Ireland this year or the start of next.But I am coming back to Ireland to do corpral punishment.There is nothing I like better than giving a man a good spanking.Whilst I have been away I have been trained by one of the Top people in CP in England. Anyone wanting to know who,just email me.When I learn anything its with top people.This way I know clients into CP wont be disappointed with my new role.

    I did promise to see any past clients who visited me over the years. However I dont have all details stored.I am very private person and dont want to create any problems for past clients.So anyone interested in visiting me in future,please email me.

    But new clients will only be able to recive a spanking, sex is not an option.So I only want genuine clients.

    When I get my self sorted I will get a new web site done but again let me stress it will be for CP only.

    Samantha xx

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    Welcome back Sammantha. Hope the new career works out for you x

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    Default thanks Patricia

    Thanks Patricia for you kind words.
    I will advertise on this site when I am up and running.

    Samantha x

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