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Thread: Photographer/ Web Designer available

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    Default Photographer/ Web Designer available

    Trying to make it short: Graphic Designer & Photographer (Diploma, 7 years work experience) is looking for little jobs next to usual daytime business. Seeking something different as I love the female body and to put it into the right light. Portfolio of design works and photography available if interested. So if you need decent pictures of yourself or a nice website, let me know.

    Prices negotiable but I won't ask too much as this is a new experience for me.

    PM or email me if you're interested.


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    What area are you in please, and do you have a studio or at least backdrops/ pro camer and lights, etc?

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    Located in D1, Semi Professional Equipment (analogue), lights improvisation, no studio.

    Equipment to work with the photos available (Scanner, Computer, Photoshop etc.)

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