Westside! I really didn't think that a war would come out of this.

I do not hate you brother. I already said that I respect you and that I find you to be an entertaining guy. But you are addicted to this site and maybe a holiday or a rest from it would be good for you?

For those members just reading this it all started in the "Why do we pay for sex?" thread. I came over a little strong and clearly upset poor Westside, then Westside started his "Westside haters" thread to further discuss this with other members. Today I read these threads and felt both hurt and sad that poor Westside took it very personal. Seriously guys just read them because this poor guy had a mental shit attack that verges on a breakdown. I really didn't want or expect this to happen.

Following on in his haters thread I couldn't but help notice that it really turned into a Royale Rumble with handbags as posters swung for one another in a mighty clash of cat-fight madness!

The Nature-Boy is a man of peace and as such hopes that all the members involved in this handbag fight would... let it be? As for poor Westside and his clearly fragile ego I'm saying this brother in all honesty - I'm sorry I hurt your feelings man.

So anyway enough of this gay shit. Whats happening out there?