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    i see pornstar sarah james is in town for a few days was wandering what experiences any one has had with pornstar escorts

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    A few I have met who just offered the PSE have frankly disappointed (my fault not theirs as they made their services clear before I met them) as it is all a bit of wham bam thank you mam.
    This may suit for some and be just what they are looking for and also this may suit the shorter punts where a bloke just wants a bit of a quick release.

    Then there are those pornstart who excel.
    The likes of Alyssa, Lynne and also Kat and her former touring partner, the much missed, Sandie Caine.
    These escorts, plus a few other pornstars, provide the complete package of PSE and GFE and it makes for a memorable experience.

    With these ladies there is generally none of the bullshit you might get with an unknown escort. You can see what you get on their sites before you ever book them.

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