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Thread: Gone with the wind - Chapter 234

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    Default Gone with the wind - Chapter 234

    So what's the new chapter bringing in today??!!! let's see... now westie is back after announcing and threatening never to post again... but couldn't swallow his words as bigmouth came to her rescue... now they know there is something in the air between them... and bigmouth is trying to show his powers by writting interesting posts blaming girls of being greedy, and indirect message as to his preference for the male gender??... westie gets the message and... he keeps entertaining by posting a large repertorie of his favourites mental fairy tales... and bigmouth is all mouthwatering spending endless nights reading E-I postisng section.... will the flame of love finnally bring bigmouth and westie to a mutual understanding of their own homosexual nature? - We'll see it soon here in E-I... gone with the wind!!!

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    Westie is in hospital at the moment... Probably in surgery as we speak no less!

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    Default please shut up

    flyplan (what a shit name by the way)
    your constant posting about westside and bigpaws is just so boring its retarded
    if you've got nothing interesting to contribute, please go throw yourself into a garbage truck (im suprised it didnt happend at birth to be honest)...your posts are neither amusing or interesting...they're just pointless...turn off the computer, get out of the darkended room and get some sun on your pasty skin...give your brain cell a rest

    fuckin gone with the wind

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