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    In past ive only done business with working girls in amsterdam which is obviously completely different to dublin.
    but anyway i was thinking about searching out the reknowned dublin areas for a while and as sometimes i work late id pass through them and it would yield nothing.
    Anyway I was out and needed to stop to buy some items in the newsagents so i parked car down burlington road without any intention for punting. and i saw some girl being dropped off. she had blond hair, mini skirt etc. anyway i realised what she was and kinda thought back to my previous attempts. so i went to get my stuff from shop and came back and she was still wandering up and down road. by this stage i had also noticed kind of a junkie girl in tracksuit standing on corner of waterloo road.
    Problem was subconciously i never thought i would be presented with the oppurtunity and i didnt know how to "pick her up"
    and she seemed to only be responsing to taxis. and before someone says she was probably trying to wave one down, i seriously doubt thats best location to wander up and down waiting for taxi and in freezing cold wearing her outfit. Basically i am just wondering how some of you "pick up street girls"
    i hung around the area for a good 45 mins without any reaction

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    Default easy as...

    one unlocks passenger door.

    one pulls up alongside tasty lookin' bit.

    you smile at her like you need some info etc.

    she will open the door.

    you ask "sorry love, is this the burlington rd?"

    let her ask you "d'ya wan bussiness?"

    should all fall into place after this.

  3. Unhappy Frustrated where are the ladies??

    Hi I was drivin around Burlington Rd, Waterloo Rd and Benburb St last night and found no-one at all! It was between 9 and 10 pm. Is that too early?
    Also I had real trouble getting on to Benburb Rd as it seems to be a luas line???
    Any advice is welcomed.

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    i'm behind you


    Sorry 2 disapoint u people but the only girls workin the streets r dirty junkies but watever floats ur boat personally i prefer my girls 2 have teeth at least The secret 2 get 1 in ur car is pull up & screem hey BITCH U WANT SUM ROCK THEN SUCK MY COCK

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    Kepp away from the Pepper Cannister anway the girls r very bad. I had one threaten me when I was there a few weeks ago, Lorna xxx

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    There's use to be along running thread about Dublin 'street' girls on a website called Irish Punters, it might be hopeful
    New Thread About Street Girls Only! - Irish Punters Message Forums
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