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Thread: Do any of you forget where you are and take this talk here for granted????

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    Question Do any of you forget where you are and take this talk here for granted????

    About an hour ago,was walking along and this little Sweetie that i havnt seen in a while came along.A kiss and queeze later and we are talking about work of all things.She is a beautician and opened her own place lately.Anyway she is telling me how she loves the job and that they do everything from detox to facials.Well i just about shat myself.I almost,very very close without thinking ,spat it out.I thought of guys looking for facials and not getting them.Here i was bursting and this little Sweetie looking ,smiling and asking whats so funny.Well i had to come out with something really fast but couldnt.She had an inkling of what i was laughing at but was torchering me to spit it out.Anyway i just said something she said reminded me of a porn flick.She got my drift.

    Do any of you ppl find yourselves in this position without thinking??Langer how about you,do you find yourself almost tripping up?Want her phone no?

    Shes a sexy little minx,

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    Default Faux pas

    Not related to a huge extent but hey !

    I was over in Valencia with my girlfriend and her family who are all Italian. One night we were going out on our own and her father asked me what I had planned. I informed him that we were going for a meal and then for a few drinks before going to a nightclub a nightclub and left. When we came back the next morning the father and mother were packed to go to a hotel ( we had rented an appartment)
    How the fuck was I meant to know that a nightclub is a brothel ffs.

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