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    I wont say going away because i keep coming back so taking a break.I will sign out leaving my own list of dont dos for escorts.Bear in mind that this is just my own view and everyone is different.

    So in no particular order of importance.

    (a) Dont text or phone unless i say so.I dont be nasty if im text or phoned but it does annoy me.

    (b) Dont ever and i mean ever ask me if im married ,have a gf etc. I have being asked this lots of times and its none of an escorts buisiness.

    (c) Dont look at the boyo after 5 mins and wonder is he coming.Please.

    (d) Dont get your knickers in a twist if i dont fall at your feet.It doesnt mean anything only that im in a chill out form and not too pushed. Laiza:-)

    (e) Dont catch the boyo and tug him in a direction that he doesnt want to go.This actually hurts.All man have different shapes when erect and pulling the shit out of him in a direction he doesnt move will hurt.

    (f) Study a mans anatomy sometime.The area of stimulus is the bell at the top.The shaft below is just for reaching purposes.If you can interpret when a guy is shooting his load and then squeeze and slow youll delay the process and hence more enjoyment.Pressing on the pipe at the back of the shaft increases it more.

    (g) Dont ask me where i drink.

    (h) If you pm me or whatever let the xxxxx out of it.They mean nothing and seem a bit goofy considering we dont know each other.

    (i) If a guy is having trouble understanding what your saying on the phone then text is the way to go.

    (j) Dont create a treasure hunt by telling me to go to different landmarks.One landmark will do.I only live once.

    (k) Talk about anything except stuff that is too personal and dont play a game of who wanst to be a millionaire.

    Maybe a few more but these are the main ones for me.I always find that the women that say its only a job are the very ones that personalise the thing.

    Having a break,having a kit kat,

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    See you in 5 minutes..

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    Default Well ...................

    Quote Originally Posted by punterminator View Post
    See you in 5 minutes..
    i popped my hip and groin preety bad in the gym this morning so limping fairly baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd right now.

    My English is getting much better.It is,It is,it is, it is,it is,

    Spending the weekend icing my groin,

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